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Popularly known as TalkTalkTwins, we are the most hilarious forms of creatures you can ever have around you. Our full names are Igbo Clifford Abraham Chimaizuobi and Igbo Stanford Israel Onyemaizuchi. We are the only kids of our parents. Born sometime few years ago,on August 11th, we attended Logos International Secondary School, Awo Omamma and headed over to Logos International Secondary School, still in Awo-Omamma, Oru East Local Government Area, Imo State, Nigeria. 

Clifford and Stanford

We got admission to the Imo State University to study Nutrition and Dietetics | Plant Science and Biotechnology and our dreams began. We had always wanted to be journalists but there was no chance since we were science students but now, HERE ARE WE!

We have been published in many journals, online and offline and are yet to be published. Our dream is to create a nation where we would not be judged by the content of our bank accounts nor degrees but by the degree of our capabilities.

Our hobbies lie no other places than the internet, novels and music. We enjoy a few movies but they must be classical. History and tutorials can stage us more than you can imagine. We finished Chinua Achebe's Things Fall Apart in Primary 3 and read a lot of Chimaamanda Adichie, James Hardly Chase and Chinua Achebe's novels.

It was on this dream that Reporter 24/7 was founded and we are chasing it strongly. Apart from this, we have three other sites, Information Guide Africa, Know and Afra Tales. We have also worked as journalists on many sites and are presently editors on Blasting News

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