Conceived September 2017, we came into existence with a sole aim of bringing to the people so many information for which they have been deprived of all this while, and so many more they had known but have not had any abilities to let others do. 

We cannot afford to be in a rapidly developing country, with all the gadgets trolling around us, yet the happenings in the Presidency, Senate and other political sectors in motherland are kept millions of miles with us. We cannot continue being blindfolded by the various misleading😓 trends on crime, religion and entertainment whereas the major issues, POLITICS is lying unattended to.

No one else has had the same vision as ours to bring to light these things that the masses have been deprived of, but matter a milli👊, YEAH...but we'd do that✌! We have come to fill the gaps between you and your leaders, so you'd not have to stretch your necks anymore to see what is happening at the top.

We watch👀 the city and they know that😩 but we come with peace💕! We have not come to criticize government, or scandalize celebrities, but to give everyone that awareness that a little eye👀 and will tell the people whatever you do at the top.

Walk👥👥👥 with us and we'd never let you down. We are open to your submissions, and we will cover your weddings, birthdays, burials and of course, corrupt leaders without bothering you with the cost of publications. We are a free news website, and you are we, so we want to work with you. We don't know the road around, so we are giving you a hand, take us around the city on a daily walk, while we blow the trumpet to everyone else. 
Here everyone's voice is needed. We cannot do it alone, and you cannot do that alone, but together we can do this and that together👬.


Bringing to the people what they had but never knew they did. We're just here to create an awareness that would lead to a protest that would free our people. The savage is too much for us! Corruption must be fought and that together. We are not controversial, we are only concerned media personalities.


We want to create a nation where we would not be judged by our political status, or by our wealth, but by the stuff in our medulla. A place where our leaders will generalize concentration because the eyes watching are equivalent to the people they are serving.
It's possible, but not without your help. So work with us, and we'd never led you down.

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