Nigerians Reacts as Mercy Benjamin Attacks Pastor Kumuyi of Deeper Life


It has not not been a hiddened  matter that the Nigerian female blogger, Mercy Benjamin has erected facts on how pastor William Kumuyi , the general pastor of Deeper life Bible Church ruined her childhood phase of life.
Some members of Deeper life Bible Church and  others who felt bad have touchably warned her about her against opinion to pastor William Kumuyi and the entire Deeper life Bible Church. 

According to blogger Mercy Benjamin, her mother has washed her hands in case of any fate that befalls her as the result of her opinion to Pastor William Kumuyi and the general Deeper life Bible Church. 

It's also cleared that some Nigerians who found Mercy's opinion good to then, followed the path Mercy's path of opinion against  pastor William Kumuyi.

These are few of comments from her facebook account 

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