Five Benefits of Having a Double Oven Range

5 Benefits of Having a Double Oven Range
One of the most outstanding reasons why people go for a double oven range is that it has the ability to cook two different dishes at two different temperatures.
This I must say will transform your cooking experience. Imagine having a party and waiting for an hour before you cook your next meal in the oven, can be time-consuming and tiring.
There are a lot of advantages when it comes to owning a double oven range. In this post, we will be talking about the different types of double oven range, the benefits of having a double oven range and how to care for your double oven range.

Types of Double Oven Range

There are 2 famous types of double oven range which are:
  1. Double Oven Gas Range
  2. Double Oven Electric Range
The double oven gas range makes use of gas to power heating in the oven and its burners. The use of gas for an oven is highly effective and less expensive when it comes to that of a double oven electric range.
A double oven electric range is powered by electricity and comes with a convection heating method. This gives about even heating but then the downside with this oven is that it increases your electricity bill.
Some of the ovens could also be mixed by having the burners run on electricity and the oven run on gas or it could be the other way around.
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Benefits of having a Double Oven Gas Range

1. Time-saving:

Time being wasted can be frustrating when you still have a lot to cook in your kitchen. Having a double oven gas range makes cooking much more convenient. You can equally bake a cake and the same time grill your chicken or turkey. This oven saves you from embarrassment in having to tell your visitors to wait for an hour before food is ready.

2. Cost effective:

This oven cost effective because you get much more from what you pay for. As cooking is going on in the oven, cooking can also be done on the gas or electric range. Automatically you get your money's worth and more also because the ranges nowadays come with at least 1-year manufacturer's warranty on parts and labor.

3. Suitable for large families:

Having a big family can put a lot of stress on the person cooking but with a double oven gas range that is cooking friendly, cooking will be ready in no time. Also, oven ranges now come with a very high BTU for burning heat, which enables food to be cooked fast.

4. Space conscious:

When ovens where single the bottom part of the oven was used for storage but now that storage unit is now being converted to an oven, so don't worry about having an extra need for space in the kitchen because most double range normally is around 36 inches wide in dimension.

5. Cooking Experience:

Having fun cooking can make happy memories, wanting you to cook more often. But having a bad experience of waiting because your oven doesn't have the capacity of a double oven range makes cooking less enthusiastic.

How to care for your Double Range Oven

Manufacturers now are being attentive to our needs in the kitchen that is why high tech ovens now can clean itself, isn't that amazing!. There are three cleaning options when it comes to a double oven range which are;
  1. Self-clean option: Senior brands like LG and Samsung have this option all you need to do is clean your oven and press the self-clean button. The oven uses heat to melt oil and turn leftover food into ashes. After which you can wipe the electric oven clean with a cloth
  2. Self-clean option with steam: This option needs a tray of water while some other brands will need water to be sprayed in it. After which the cycle is run all you need to do is wipe the oven tub clean.
  3. Manual Cleaning: This makes use of chemicals like soap and glass cleaner to clean your oven
Tip: Avoid cleaning your oven with steel wool sponge, this will remove the protective coating of the oven.

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