10 Biggest Current Fashion Trends in Europe

10 Biggest Current Fashion Trends in Europe
Are you that someone who loves to stay on top of the trend game? And you can’t get enough of the fashion and trend advice on social media and other Internet-based forums.
And that’s exactly why you have a steady subscription to one of the hughesnet internet plan and you are known to be a fashion freak in your circle! If yes, then you are reading the right post. We have landed in 2018 and we are going to update you with some of the best contemporary trends of the year.

The catwalks don’t define any neat explanations but they do give you a rough idea of what you are going to witness on the streets sometime soon. There was an explosion of bold and brand new glitter and glamour in the fashion world this year, along with an overwhelming wave of nostalgia with some of the old trends hitting back. Celebrate the joy of life and beauty with these trends and take the bliss of dressing up just according to the latest trends. Amongst all these mainstream trends, a stand for individuality and uplift is also needed. Which is where your own creativity and aesthetic sense comes in. Don’t be afraid to use it.

2018 is all about pastel-adjacent Millennial Pink, lavender hues, industrial-grade rubber, and that bag you denied almost your whole life. We will try to distill this year's plethora of themes into digestible trend chunks for those who are fashion-hungry. Make sure you enjoy the best that year’s designer offerings have in store. Read the forecast of the year’s biggest trends in Europe.

- Gelato Hues

Gelato hues were in for the Spring and they continue to be the essentials for the summer wardrobes. Yes, we know it’s groundbreaking and you would look like an ice cream girl. But save the cynicism because you have the biggest justification of the world: it’s in vogue. Enjoy the twist that comes in a pastel pile-up. We saw Victoria Beckham in a head-to-toe violet attire. Herm├Ęs showcased layers of lemon sorbet hues and tiers upon tiers of some nice pistachio shades.
Displaying some pastel power might seem like hard work, but actually, it is pretty easy to concoct. All you have to do is open up your wardrobe, pick every pastel piece of clothing in sight, and stack the ice cream shades on top of each other just like a triple-scooped cone.

 - Rubber

Calvin Klein’s pencil dress reads: 100% Nitrile, Synthetic Rubber! Yes, rubber is in trend. And if this makes you think about your mom’s dishwashing gloves, then know that you can’t look at them the same way again. Brands haven’t failed to inspire and surprise us by using rubberized materials and creatively molding them into some amazing and chic silhouettes.

- Ruching

You don’t need stiff corsetry anymore since ruching is a lot comfier. This year, fabrics are pushed around with some incredible DIY pull-through techniques and details. Some big names that tried this very trend are Tory Burch, Tom Ford, and so on.

- The Fanny Pack

We can’t deny it anymore. The fanny pack is going to stay. So, even if you have to compromise on your aesthetics, you are essentially going to have some of these hip-slung bags. From sporty to formals, you will have all the choices.

- Asymmetrical Necklines

The off-balanced silhouette wraps around the neck, twists elegantly around the collarbone, and dances along the shoulders. We witnessed asymmetrical necklines at Isabel Marant, Altuzarra, and Prabal Gurung. This is perhaps the most elegant trend of the year. Get your hands on a nice outfit with an asymmetrical neckline.

- Lavender

Michael Kors and Victoria Beckham collections are clearly hinting that our favorite Millennial Pink is going to be replaced by lavender (pastel-adjacent) this year. The soft purple hue is making its way into suiting, knits, and whimsical formals. Add a lavender dress to your wardrobe right away!

- Transparent

Go clear this year! All your favorite designers want you to. Whether it is a rain coat, a plastic corset, or even plastic-wrapped footwear, brands want you to try something transparent.

- Dark Denim Sets

We have never given a thought to retiring our vintage. And this very trend is a little nostalgic too. Dark denim is making a resurgence. This selvage textile keeps emerging in trends. So, if you have some old pieces of denim in your closets, now is the time to use them creatively.

- White Suiting

White is a universal favorite and there is no doubt about it. Not only white suiting is a perfect pick for prim and proper formal and presidential events but also it has made its way in various creative ways in different dress codes. Catch the latest ramp walks to get some creative ideas to incorporate white into your wardrobe.

- Black and White Polka Dots

We are so done with floral prints for spring! The monochrome polka dots prints are the next new trend. The print is recently spotted everywhere on the ramps. Get a monochrome polka dots print to look chic and stylish effortlessly.

If you are fond of watching catwalks, you might already have caught some of the aforementioned trends on your Spectrum TV, but now is the time to update and upgrade your wardrobes with some trendy stuff!
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