Sunday Interview With Mr FundeGrandfinger

Every lover of good music must be very proud of this prodigy, his spinning wheels and feisty fingers on the black and white keys voraciously sending tingling and raging beats to the soul, but gentle beats at that.

His ability in music is not just limited to the black and white keys or the spinning wheels, have you seen Don Williams do the guitar? Or that guitarist in BTS?

I just can’t get to place it but my point is, when it comes to the guitar he is a gold mine, but surprisingly this guy isn’t going for any one of them,  the wind instruments you ask? Yea you are right, Wind Music; but can I shock you a little, it’s not the wind instrument you re thinking of, nope it isn’t the saxophone, and no no no its just not the trumpet! 

Guess again, alright let me help you out it’s a Chinese Bamboo stick flute or whatever it was he called it. But am telling you it’s a bamboo stick and I have never seen music this soul touching, Healing and inspiring,   with an ordinary bamboo stick, that musical instrument is just alien to my Concept of music but permit me to say “Alienly Comforting” and ooooooooooooooooh sorry I was talking about an instrumentalist to the core, a charastic music Producer,
  One of his life’s ideologies which I learnt from him.

  “You don’t Grab the Bull by the Horn, You go for the Balls;” 
A dominating personnel, He goes by the stage name Mr FundeGrandfinger bit of a long name you d say until you hear the story behind the name,  According to him and in his own words
 “The Crowd named Me, they heard me play and they went wide screaming Grand finger! I just wore the name with pride Mr Fun was a prefix I added to the name as part of a habit I'd formed back stage or on stage, if people asked how it was going I'd tell them so Fun  so it would go like Mr Fun?"
Me: So Fun
His motivation as to why he chose the  bamboo stick Flute is all the more awe stricking inspiring, motivational and …………….. were you a fan of korean movies  did you see “Faith” remember that guy with the white hair?  What’s his name again? The one with the flute  exactly! That was his motivation, wait!! Don’t call it Childish till you ve seen him use the flute, He may not be as handsome as the guy with the white hair, but his own Flute has Got power,  wait until you hear him play his  “Street of Love”
Mr Fun as I love to call him is an instrumentalist with class, master of a wide variety of instruments  Captain of the Flute, I won't call him upcoming because his artistry is second to none that I've seen.

Maybe you could Be a part of his street Concert coming up in the month of October, he doubles as an ambassador for  a youth development and empowerment program, on a mission to educate youths on the dangers of drug abuse, premarital sex and other juvenile activities.

Interview by Israel Steve, a passionate blogger and motivational speaker.
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