SARS Officials Arrest And Extort Oil And Gas Expert For Applying For South African Visa

An oil and gas expert has narrated his ordeal in the hands of SARS officials who saw his South Africa visa application and concluded that he was a fraudster.

Mr. Atey, a Nigerian Oil and Gas expert, said he was forced to pay the sum of NGN 50,000 by Lagos state SARS officials after he was arrested and searched in Okoko, Lagos, Nigeria.

Recounting his experience yesterday, Atey said he was about driving from Ajangbadi to Lekki when officers who were in a minivan and weren’t on uniform stopped him and asked to see his I.D. After he provided that, they insisted he follows them to the station. On getting there they searched his car and found documents he used in applying for a South Africa visa. The leader concluded he was a thief for wanting to travel to South Africa.

He was interrogated and his phone, car key and wallet were seized because he wouldn’t bribe them. Eventually, he was thrown into a cell until he agreed to give them NGN 50,000 and they became friendly and let him go.

Atey said he then collected the phone number of the leader, named Okon, so he could search for him on social media. He also got a photo of one of the SARS officers and shared it online together with Okon’s phone number.

He shared the story on Instagram with the caption;
“What I saw at okoko police station.”

Read his narrative below;
Source: Torimill.com
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