Shock as 'blood LEAKS from Jesus Christ's tomb' in Jerusalem

Shock as 'blood LEAKS from Jesus Christ's tomb' in Jerusalem
A tweet by Nicola Kanaan, from Galilee, contained the video, which she billed as “breaking news” and was circulated 1,800 times on the social media platform and elsewhere before she deleted it.

The clip shows the top side of Jesus’ grave in the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, with red spots and stains apparently seeping through its stone.

Mrs Kanaan claimed to have seen the blood coming out of the tomb as she shot the footage.

Her tweet went on to suggest Israeli police were “currently investigating” what was described as “blood”.
Eager Twitter users asking Mrs Kanaan for more details, but none were forthcoming.

Predictably, however, before it was deleted, her post triggered a debate between believers, who acclaimed the video as a sign from heaven, and sceptics, who questioned its validity.

One wrote: “The truth is in front of people and they just deny it.”

But another said “This is just fake”.
Shock as 'blood LEAKS from Jesus Christ's tomb' in Jerusalem

Investigations subsequently revealed that that original video had actually been uploaded on 2015, some three years ago.

And it also emerged the footage had actually been filmed on Good Friday in 2014.

Haynes UFO Investigations Manual author Nigel Watson said: “The leaking blood phenomenon is usually explained by more mundane things.

“Common examples include like damp causing rusty patches, condensation, or outright fraud.
“We need scientific evidence to support this rather than some shaky video footage, but for many people it is question of belief rather than examining the facts.”

He also questioned whether Mrs Kanaan had actually witnessed the incident, contrasting her claim that it was “breaking news” with the fact that the video had been shot four years ago.

He added: “Either she suddenly travelled back in time to witness this, or she is being untruthful.” 

The stone is regarded as one of Christianity’s most holy sites,.

It is the place where Jesus' body is believed to have been prepared for burial.

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