Missing mace: Senators should return home – MASSOB

Missing mace: Senators should return home – MASSOB
The Movement for the Actualization of the Sovereign State Of Biafra (MASSOB) has asked all Senators to return to their constituencies with immediate effect.

It declared that Nigerian Senators have lost the mandate of representing their people.

The pro-Biafar group spoke on Wednesday, in reaction to the invasion of the Upper Legislative Chamber earlier on Wednesday, during which the Mace was snatched by thugs, during which the mace was stolen.

MASSOB spoke through Comrade Edeson Samuel, its National Director Of Information.

The Comrade Uchenna Madu-led group said it was delighted over the development in the National Assembly.

While saying that it has been vindicated by the incident, MASSOB said “as the foremost pro-Biafra Movement we will still maintain non-violence as our watchword; we do not support anarchy or any abnormal behavior.

“But political, economical, religious, academicals and social events in Nigeria under President Buhari administration has shown that Biafra actualization and restoration, MASSOB and other pro Biafra groups are demanding has been proven to be more legitimate.

“The unconstitutional and forceful taking of the mace from red chamber by thugs has shown that Nigeria is a failed and irreparable state that can never stand. Imagine a higher chamber where security agents are supposed to be at alert, but reverse was the case.”

It added that “taking of the symbol of authority means that the government of Nigeria has failed. Every senator should return to his constituency because there is no longer constitutional powers backing them.

“It has also shown that the government of President buhari has collapsed since thugs can invade the National Assembly and make away with the symbol of authority without any resistance from the security agents.

“MASSOB laments what will be the faith of a common citizen in the street. MASSOB is also in full support of the statement credited to former chief of army staff, General T.Y Danjuma, where he urged the people of Middle Belt, Westerners and Biafrans to defend themselves.

“It is obvious that President Muhammadu Buhari cannot provide security for the citizens of this political entity called Nigeria. It’s a pity that the senators of Nigeria have also failed their people.

“MASSOB is calling on the people of Middle Belt to rise and defend themselves from Fulani’s ethnic cleansing organized and sponsored by President Buhari and his APC-led government.

“The People of Middle Belt should know that over 70% of security agents in Nigeria are Hausa Fulanis and they cannot protect you from any attack being carried out by their kinsmen.”
Source: Dailypost.ng
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