Mr. Samson Peter Is A Scammer, Never Deal with Him

Mr. Samson Peter Is A Scammer, Nigerian Scamer

While we are complaining of the high rate of scam in Nigeria, many youths still prefer to go into scamming rather than work hard to earn their money.

We are complaining that our politicians are dealing with us and our little friends are doing even worse. The most painful part is that they scam very little money, something I can readily spend in any restaurant at a lunch.
Well, this is my own story, and I’m sharing it not because I want to get my money back, but as a punishment and lesson to the scammer, and then as a warning to other scammers to keep off their deal, from today we will be publishing them. Please, if you experience any form of scam, kindly email shortstoriesthattouch@gmail.com with the evidences of the scam and it will be published in 24 hours.

More On The Matter:

I paid a Facebook user:
Name:  Mr. Samson Peter
Facebook url: facebook.com/peter.clicker.98
Phone Number: +2349063626360
 Account Details: 2094380842, UBA Bank
Some agreed sum of money (N4, 000) on the 9th of April, 2018 to help me out with some services, which he was actually into. We struck a deal and because of my nature of trusting people easily, paid him first.
He switched off his phone for a week after my payment, and stopped coming online on Facebook.
After a week, exactly on the 16th of January, the cheap scammer blocked me.
Mr. Samson Peter Is A Scammer
Now, how can a 20 year old young man be scamming $10? That’s so poor of him, that’s so humiliating. I don’t want anyone else to fall victim of Mr. Samson Peter again. He’s a blogger and a cheap scammer.
Other scammers that will read this, kindly stop the act, it’s inhuman, it’s degrading. We will be publishing you guys here with a new label, SCAMMERS!

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