Good News Owerri - Plan To Attend This Life Changing Seminar "Asking The Right Questions"

Asking The Right Questions
This is a unique and life-changing program focused on the tackling some major issues bothering the society, education and globalization as a whole.
Our precious society is just the way it is today because we have been existing on the questions already asked before. 
Most people think that the society does not affect them but it really does! There are so many ways the society affects us. The real reasons why our leaders and politicians act the way they do is only because we don't ask them any questions. 

Unfortunately, it is only when we ask questions that fresh answers are giving, from the questions asked that you will know the kind of leaders we have in our society, and only then can we select whom will really be our choice. 

Now that elections are around the corner, this is the right time to know those whom we are about to elect as our leaders in this country. In this program we will have the opportunity to question our leaders in areas of our personal interests - health, education, security, law etc. Now is the time to stand on our right in this country! It's only now that we can become whom we really are.
Good News Owerri - Plan To Attend This Life Changing Seminar "Asking The Right Questions"

Albert Einstein defined insanity as trying to get a different result through the same means. In other words, it takes a difference to cause a revolution. We are what we think we are. 
Please plan to attend this life changing seminar!

Venue: Imo State University Auditorium, Owerri, Imo State, Nigeria

Date: 13th April, 2018

Time: 10am 

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