5 Minutes Interview With Our Young Entrepreneurs: Isaac Somto

Isaac Somtoo
In this week's edition of the 5 minutes interview with our young entrepreneurs, our guest is Isaac Somtoo, a young, enthusiastic and realistic Nigerian adult.
His speeches, actions and donations have gone viral so many times on the social media and we are so pleased to have him as our guest, it's such an honor!
Please read on, share, drop your comments and feel free to contact him through his contacts at the end of the interview.

Editor: Hello, Good day, welcome to this week's edition of 5 Minutes Interview With Our Young Entrepreneurs. Would you mind telling us your name and little about you?
Entrepreneur: Hi guys, I'm Isaac Somto, I hail from Delta State, a student and currently an upcoming blogger. I co-founded www.advaisor.life.

Editor: Would you mind sharing a full description of your business and the business address with us?
Entrepreneur: Actually I don't have an address now,  I'm an online business operator.  Wowfactor Media's the name of the organization. We build sites, blogs and other online services for our clients. Advaisor was one of our biggest project. We did that with Kamalsbase Tech.

Editor: When did you start thinking about becoming an entrepreneur? We all know you weren't born that way!
Entrepreneur: I started earlier this year,  at age 15.

Editor: What really inspired you into becoming an entrepreneur?
Entrepreneur: Actually I will be honest on this,  I only wanted to make the money, but thanks to God I did and I have over 6-5 authors under my organization.

Editor: What inspires your work and you often find yourself doing this?
Entrepreneur: Actually it was computers.  I'm a programmer, though I was still learning when I found out I could make money online. 

Editor: What is the most important entrepreneurial characteristics and skills you think you possess?
Entrepreneur: I will say it's the way that I treat my customers and other people, coupled with the ability of convincing people to use my products. 

Editor: What are some of the challenges you face and how have you been able to overcome these pitfalls in times past?
Entrepreneur: Then nobody wanted a fifteen years old boy to build a site for them,  so I lost many jobs and contracts because of my age factor.

Editor: What is the best part of your work now? Like which part of the work do you enjoy most?
Entrepreneur: Smiles.. Making money and enriching others.

Editor: What are the needs, wants, events or surprises you identify as an opportunity and what makes you believe they are an opportunity?
Entrepreneur: Blogging and internet marketing. 
I see it as an opportunity because,  I used blogging to advertise my products and published reviews about my products. 

Editor: Do you have another job aside this?
Entrepreneur: No I'm just a student. 

Editor: Do you prefer working alone or as part of a team? 
Entrepreneur: I love working with the right people,  you know, no man is an island on his own.
And most times it depends,  there is a saying that says “...if you want something done perfectly, do it yourself.”

Editor: How did you get your type of audience for your job and how did you identify your target market? 
Entrepreneur: I got my audience using the blogging platform, I actually started building sites and blogs for teens and youths,  that became my target then.

Editor: What's your education background (you can mention all school and institutions).
Entrepreneur: I did my secondary and primary school at A.S.A.C.S (Abuja school of accountancy and computer studies.)
I'm processing my admission into Nnamdi Azikwe University.
Editor: How did you come up with your business ideas? And how did you know they were good ideas? 
Entrepreneur: It just came up when I read an article on how to make money online... 
...but before then I could only program. 
I knew it was a good idea because I had read about a lot of  people who became rich and built others then I got inspired.

Editor: Did you identify, target and research your competitors?
Entrepreneur: That was when I started,  but honestly now I don't,  I believe on taking and carrying out a good research on the market than to research on my competitors. 

Editor: What's the best way to generate money from your industry and did you think it can work for everybody?
Entrepreneur: You know I'm into two businesses, blogging and web development. The best way to generate money from the former is to provide the right information on your particular niche, then, there was an incident I accidentally published something wrong a visitor commented via the Nairaland forum, he swore he won't visit my blog because he said I'm spreading a fake news, I had to take off the thread.
The latter, just give the best designs my first pay was N6,000, the person I designed for referred friends to me because I gave a good design and that was how I got more money.

Editor: How did you generate money to start start your business?
Entrepreneur: I didn't start with a lot of money,  just started with #100 credit. 

Editor: What surprises did you encounter in starting your business?
Entrepreneur: That no one wanted to do businesses with a fifteen years old kid. 

Editor: How did you find the best people to be part of your business team?
Entrepreneur: I met most of them on facebook, even the founder of  Advaisor and many more. 

Editor: What ideas and approaches did you use to market your business and what marketing approaches did you think work best?
Entrepreneur: The marketing approach that worked most was market penetration, I charged low at first then later I started charging fairly the actual price for such services. 

Editor: Did you try some marketing approach that didn't work? If yes? Why didn't they work?
Entrepreneur: I tried advertisement at an early stage...
It didn't work because nobody was there to show my work,  and I hadn't really design a site then... but was advertising. 

Editor: How well has your business perform in the past and how well is your business currently doing?
Entrepreneur: In the past it wasn't well.. At all
But I thank God for now.

Editor: Why do you think enough people will want to continue patronizing your business?
Entrepreneur: Because I explain things perfectly and give you the best of what you want and not what you want, I built a site for someone,  in the process I taught him how to create a site. 

Editor: Wow, thanks a lot for all these, let's digress a bit to you personal interests. What kind of music do you listen to and who are your favorite musicians?
Entrepreneur: I listen to any music that's good. 
I will say,  Jidenna, Davido, Nathaniel Bassey and Future.

Editor: Who are your favorite entrepreneurs within and outside your industry?
Entrepreneur: Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates and so many more i have a lot. 

Editor: Which books inspire you most?
Entrepreneur: The Bible 

Editor: Can you tell us about a recent project or process that you made better, faster, smarter or more efficient?
Entrepreneur: We are still building it,  it will be launched next year. 

Editor: Where do you see yourself professionally on the next 3-5years?
Entrepreneur: I see myself as someone every one will used as an example or inspiration.

Editor: Can you tell us about your biggest embarrassment in business?
Entrepreneur: It was when a client told me I was to young to handle his project, he needs someone above fifteen.

Editor: What's your family background and how are you able to cope with family and work?
Entrepreneur: Smiles.. I'm not married 
So it is easy...

Editor: What advises would you offer to upcoming young, potential entrepreneurs in your industry?
Entrepreneur: Be honest.. Be honest... Be honest 
And also give the best,  a lot of people I started with are no where to be found even my competitors,  many of them didn't give the best and some joined the scamming business. 

Editor: What can you say about our platform and the 5 Minutes Interview With Our Young Entrepreneurs we are running?
Entrepreneur: It's actually a great idea. You're helping young minds like I get noticed, and we're very grateful for that!

Editor: Can you give your contacts, such as social media handles, blogs, emails, phone numbers, etc, in case any of our readers would be interested in working with you now or in future?
Entrepreneur: My Facebook page Wow FactorMy email is isaacsonto@gmail.com and my blog is Wow Factor.
My Facebook account username is Isaac Somto.

Editor: I'm sure there's something you'd like to share but we forgot to ask, will you mind putting them below?
 Entrepreneur: hmm, nothing actually, you can join my social platform, www.advaisor.life 
Sign up and get your problems solved! They ranging from relationship, ICT, education and so on.

Thanks for such a wonderful opportunity once again, I really appreciate.

Editor: You're highly welcome Isaac. We appreciate your time with us! *smiles...
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