Nigerians Blast Governor Ortom For Saying Buhari Owns Nigeria - See 8 Epic Reactions

Benue State Governor, Samuel Ortom through his Chief Press Secretary, Terver Akase said that president Muhammad Buhari is the father of the nation and he can visit any state of the federation anytime he wishes. 

When asked if the government is happy with the visit and their expectations, Terver said, “I don’t have anything to say beyond that. “The president is the owner of the country and he can visit any part of the country anytime he so wish.” Nigerians lambasted the Governor for the statement saying Buhari is a servant not a owner. Here are 8 responses from Nigerians below:

Mr. Ortom PMB Is not my landlord Biko. He’s just in charge at the moment same way we had others before him and his time too shall pass 
— Monsieur Fagbenle (@olabamijifagbz) March 5, 2018

Buhari does not own the country. The people own the country. Nigeria does not belong to anybody, Nigeria belongs to Nigerians 
— Letroy (@Nelsonishaya2) March 6, 2018
An employee can never own the company cos he can be fired at anytime just like buhari will be fired in 2019. 
— The Governor (@uchematt1) March 6, 2018

Wrong use of grammar or could it be a clear display of ignorance? Some of our so-called leaders have chronic problem with English Language, how can Buhari own Nigeria when Nigeria is not his personal estate? 
— stop corruption (@stopcorruption1) March 6, 2018

Dear Governor Samuel Ortom, be informed, @MBuhari owns not Nigeria, just as Benue state isn't your inheritance as you might have gullibly believed. Even the defective 1999 constitution concedes ultimate sovereignty to the people of Nigeria. 
— OLAWALE (@Olawaleonline) March 5, 2018

He doesn't 'own' the country! He's a custodian for a limited time.There's a difference. Come to think of it,he probably thinks he owns the country.They all do. 
— mistereldeexl (@mistereldeexl) March 5, 2018

Did you even take simple ‘Government Studies’ classes in secondary school? Nigeria is a sovereign nation and nobody owns it. Bunch of illiterates leading this country

— Uzoma Chirah (@smokybodyhot) March 5, 2018

Ortom an illiterate with a certificate.
Even a secondary school student knows that the people owns the country not the leader.
Like Buhari like Ortom 
— World Citizen (@ChrisEzaka) March 5, 2018
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