Meghan Markle’s N*de Photos Reportedly Leak Online (See Them Here)

Meghan Markle might live with around-the-clock gates and iron-clad gates, but even she can’t be protected from predators who violate her privacy and leak her personal photos.

We are sad to announce that the 37-year-old is the latest victim of a nude photo hack after topless pictures of her appeared on Celeb Jihad, a website known for leaking private and often sexual celebrity content.

Late Wednesday night, the website posted four photos which appeared to show Markle half-naked. Celeb Jihad claimed that the pictures were a “preview” of the many nude photos that the website has of Markle. The website threatened to release the rest of the photos unless the United Kingdom and Kensington Palace met their demands, including the abdication of Queen Elizabeth II.
Shortly after the photos hit the internet, Kensington Palace issued a statement to The Blast denying the authenticity of the photos. “These are fake photographs,”a representative said, adding no further comment.

Whether the photos are real or fake, this an extreme violation of Markle’s privacy. If the photos were real, they were private and she did not give her consent for them to be published on the internet. 

Markle is far from the first celebrity to have her alleged n*de photos leak on the internet. Stars like Jennifer Lawrence, Sia, and Demi Lovato have faced similar situations. If Kensington Palace says that they’re fake, then they’re fake. But regardless, one thing is clear: Celebrity nude photos are not for public consumption.
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