Leaked Video Shows Moment The US Special Forces Was Ambushed And Killed By ISIS In Niger (Distressing video)

ISIS has released a gory video showing the horrific moment U.S. Special Forces soldiers serving in Niger were ambushed by extremists and 4 US soldiers were killed.

The distressing video looks like something from a war movie but it's real. It was in this attack that Sergeant La David Johnson, 25; Staff Sergeant Bryan Black, 35; Staff Sergeant Jeremiah Johnson, 39; and Staff Sergeant Dustin Wright were killed.
The video shows heartbreaking details about the courageous last moments of the four soldiers, although it is edited with multiple cuts that make the full context of the firefight unclear.

The 9 minute, 15 second video appears to be shot from multiple helmet cameras on the US soldiers who died on October 4 in Tongo Tongo, Niger in an ambush by 50 ISIS militants. The ambush occurred as a unit of 12 American special forces soldiers and 30 Nigerien troops returned from the village near the border with Mali, where they had been hunting for a senior Islamic State member.

At the start of the video, a group that appear to be ISIS militants are seen riding in light pickup trucks before the ambush. An estimated 50 militants armed with machine guns and rocket propelled grenades participated in the ambush, which left 21 of their number dead.

Next, gruesome still photos of the bodies of the American soldiers flash across the screen. The helmet cam portion of the video begins with the Americans pinned down under gunfire next to a tactical truck and a Toyota Landcruiser. Together with a few Nigerien allies, the US soldiers move with each vehicle toward colored smoke grenades that have been deployed for cover and to alert air support. It would be two hours later until French jets arrived to provide air support.

Soldiers walk next to each vehicle, laying down suppressive fire as the vehicles roll over the desert scrub. After a cut, it appears that the Nigerien support personnel and tactical vehicle are gone, and three US soldiers are making a final stand by the Landcruiser. The driver of the Landcruiser steers it from a prone position, with his legs sticking out the passenger side door, as two other soldiers move along side firing at the enemy.

One of the US soldiers walking by the Landcrusier falls to the ground in the chaos. He appears dead. The soldier wearing the helmet cam, who appears to be La David Johnson, checks the body. The driver of the Landcruiser jumps out and helps Johnson drag the downed soldier to cover.

Killed In Action (clockwise from top left): Staff Sergeant Bryan Black, 35; Staff Sergeant Jeremiah Johnson, 39; Sergeant La David Johnson, 25; and Staff Sergeant Dustin Wright, 29

A firefight ensues. Automatic weapons fire from multiple directions is heard. Johnson crouches by the rear of the Landcruiser, the ground around him covered in shell casings. The other soldier crouches by the hood of the vehicle. Johnson checks his weapon and gestures to the soldier by the hood. He appears to be out of ammunition. He and the other soldier spring up from behind the Landcruiser and make a run for it. The two soldiers run for some time within sight of each other. Bullets kick up puffs of dirt around the two men as they run. Gunfire is everywhere.

Then, Johnson, wearing the helmet cam, screams and falls to the ground. The agonizing screams continue as he struggles to rise and falls back to the ground. Blood pools next to Johnson as he lies on the ground. His breathing is quick and shallow. 

Large-caliber machine gun fire rips through Johnson as he lies on the ground, blowing his watch off his wrist. The broken watch strap lies in the dust. Three masked militants stride around Johnson armed with AK-47s. Gunfire rips through his body again. Blood pours onto the dirt in front of his face. The camera cuts off.

Additional video shot by the militants shows the bodies of two of the other US soldiers. What appear to be the bodies of Wright and Jeremiah Johnson lie near each other. Both men have been stripped of their helmets, body armor and boots. They have severe injuries to their faces and necks and blood pools around their heads. There are indications of post-mortem mutilation to both bodies.

After the video's release, an online channel associated with ISIS encouraged would-be lone wolves to draw inspiration from it and attack citizens of "Crusader coalition countries", according to SITE Intelligence Group. 

The gory video has gone viral but some are not happy with it being uploaded and have asked for it to be taken down. However, several war veterans commented on the video, asking for it to be left up so people can see what they really go through.

"Why are people demanding this video be taken down? This is war, this is what war looks like, people die in war, yes, even Americans, I am a Veteran and Americans need to see what war looks like. War is not pretty, these men who lost their lives defending our liberties are heroes, we need to stop being soft and afraid. Many other countries witness much worse than this video. I would like to thank my Brothers In Arms for their service to country and may they all RIP…?," one wrote.

Another said: "DON’T take this down. Everyone should see it. And if every person saw the blood and gore of every war, Perhaps we’d grow tired of the fond of war. – infantry vet?"

Another veteran wrote: "As a veteran the video should stay up. This is a stark reminder to Joe public how dangerous our job is. If even 1000 millenianal hipsters can put down there phones to watch this video. Maybe they will grow some balls and respect for our country and the uniform.?"

But a retired vet who did not agree, said: "As a Retired Combat Vet, being in two wars and various peace keeping missiom, my respects, but please do not post bideos as these. They create nightmares and worries for families of the past, present and future. God bless my brothers, RIP, and the families. 'Thy brothers keeper' G"

The attack has raised questions about the US military's role in Niger, where about 800 US military personnel are stationed to train local forces and operate drones.

Watch the video below.

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