'It was me who urged Mugabe to resign' - Grace

Former Zimbabwe's first lady Grace Mugabe claims she persuaded her husband to resign in the aftermath of last year’s military takeover.
According to NewsDay, Mr. Mugabe was determined not to stand down until his wife convinced him.

“Baba (father) did not want to put pen to paper, in fact it was me who urged him to resign for the sake of peace because Baba did not want to, since the whole thing was unconstitutional,” Grace said.

Mr. Mugabe, 94, who sat by Grace’s side reportedly corroborated his wife’s statement, claiming he was ready to tough it out and face impeachment before Grace and Roman Catholic cleric Fidelis Mukonori talked him into throwing in the towel to prevent bloodshed.

The former Zanu PF leader reportedly said: “Under the circumstances I didn’t want to step down because I felt it was not proper and I insisted that everything was done unconstitutionally.’
Adeola Fayehun
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