Imams should move to battle field to lead fight against Boko Haram - Sheikh Gumi

Sheikh Ahmad Abubakar Mahmud Gumi, Kaduna-based Islamic scholar, has advocated for creation of exclusive Muslims legions in the military to fight Boko Haram in accordance with Islamic rules of engagement.
He said each of these legions should be led by an Imam (Islamic cleric) who will direct the war through Islamic principles.

Sheikh Gumi made this known in an interview with Daily Trust, saying that fighting terrorists like Boko Haram cannot be successful when Islamic war principles are excluded.

He added; “some of our gallant officers and men move into the theatre of war under the influence of substances. This is why immediately Boko Haram insurgents chant Allahu Akbar (Allah is Great); some of our soldiers would throw away their weapons and took to their heels.

But if we have exclusively Muslims legions under the leadership of Imams, they will fight the war as Jihad. 

They will follow the principles of holy war and this insurgency would come to an end inshaAllah. If Boko Haram chants Allahu Akbar, our soldiers, who know that they are fighting a holy war, would also chant Allahu Akbar and fight to the end.

“I think we should try this experiment so that this insurgency would be brought to an end. The turn of events in this Boko Haram war always amazes me. The way things are going can confuse any decent mind. Therefore, we must apply religious principles to fight this war.”

Daily Trust
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