Furious wife divorces husband after he gambles away their son

In a shocking incident, a gambling addict put his wife and two children on stake, and lost all three.
Mohsin, based in India’s Bulandshahr was dumped by his wife after she learnt that he had gambled away their child.

According to the Times of India, the case happened in 2015 but only came to light this week after police finally agreed to investigate.

Imran, the man who won, went to Mohsin’s house and forced his wife to come with him. When the wife protested and screamed, the village panchayat was called. 

The members of the panchayat - or village council - decided that one of the kids should be given to the winner.

Following the orders of panchayat, the winner took away one child.

The entire episode infuriated the wife so much that she decided to divorce Mohsin. She reportedly filed a police complaint against him and five other men.

The wife got married to Mohsin in 2012 and gave birth to two sons later. 

After divorcing Mohsin, the woman married a Chandorh based youth.

In the past two years, the woman went from pillar to post but no one offered to help her.

Frustrated, she filed a petition in CJM court. Acting on her petition, the court yesterday ordered police to register a case against the accused. 

The matter is now under investigation and police has set up a team to trace the absconding accused.

Source: Times Of India
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