Church gives out $125,000 to members during Sunday service (VIDEO)Church gives out $125,000 to members during Sunday service (VIDEO)

A church in Texas has given away a total of $125,000 in checks to members during service on Sunday.
The pastor asked them to use some of the money to help others in need.

Bibs Toney was there Sunday when Pastor Paul Mussachio started handing out checks at Preston Meadow Lutheran Church.

“I saw so much joy here yesterday,” Toney said.

Attendees at the two Sunday services knew something big was coming, but had no idea what.

“In the envelope was either $250, $500 or $1,000, but I didn't tell them that until they sat back down. I didn't tell them that because I wanted to create that anticipation and really let this hit home with them of just how big of a deal this was going to be,” Mussachio said.

The checks’ pay to line was left blank, with the recipient to be filled in to the person or organization of their choice.

“It's kind of like watching your kids on Christmas morning,” Mussachio said.

This gift came with a few simple requests: cash it in 30 days, do not give it back to the church, use it where it's needed most.

“They were given the encouragement to go out and be a blessing to others,” Mussachio said.

The giving session starts from19:05 of the video below. Watch!


Toney said the money is an opportunity as a family to sit together and talk about what people can do for others.

The $125,000 handed out to the churchgoers was donated by a few members after seeing the results of a similar experiment with 4th graders using much smaller amounts of money. Now, an entire church empowered to be generous.
“You release a lot of control on this. And so its left up to them of where it goes,” Mussachio said.

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