Victor Ibeh: "My Son Had His 1st Kiss, Friends Told Him To Sleep With A Virgin"

A Nigerian relationship counselor and writer has revealed what his son was told by his friends after having his first kiss. According to Victor Ibeh, his son was told to sleep with the virgin girl whom he kissed in order to "own her permanently".

Victor also narrated his similar experience at the university some years back as he deflowered a virgin who is now happily married to another man.

Victor narrated his story on Facebook. Read below;

My son had his first kiss yesterday. After that experience, he called to tell me. He was so elated about the experience that he was literally jumping out of his skin in excitement. After the narration, he told me that his friends asked him to have sex with her, because she is still a Virgin, so that he can own her permanently. Emphasis on “own her permanently”.
I had to ask him to repeat himself and he did. So, I excused myself to get some beer, because I wasn’t “inner-standing” what he was trying to say.
After taking a sip of beer, my mind became active to process what he said.
“You mean you want to Bleep your girlfriend and deflower her, so that you can own her, who taught you that?”
“I love her so much and I don’t want to lose her. My friends said that a girl can never leave the man that deflowered her.”
“Have you taken time to find out if she wants to remain with you forever? Oh! You are just concerned about your own selfish interest and you call that love. What if she comes up tomorrow to says that her values have changed, will you keep her against her will?”
“I’m sorry dad. That’s what my friends told me. I thought they were right.”
“No, Son. They are wrong. This is why you shouldn’t learn sex education from your peers. They will ruin you with their ineptitude and foolishness.”
(Takes another sip of beer)
When I was in the Uni I had this same experience with a girl I loved. My friend told me the same thing. Unfortunately, I didn’t have someone to give me healthy counsel. I deflowered her and she happened to be the only virgin I have ever had in my life. Somehow I don’t just dig virgins. It is personal.
The sex at that time seemed like it held her bound to me, but at the fullness of time when reality hit us, she moved on. Today she is happily married to another guy.
Ridiculous is the fact that I actually believed that a piece of flesh called hymen would buy me a woman’s romantic loyalty. Who does that?
It wasn’t just that I was foolish, it also reveals how lowly we regard female folks.
Trying to use “love spell” on people or doing anything to enslave them to us is not love. That’s why I don’t call it “love spell”. I call it enslavement spell. Anything you do and take away another person’s power of choice is never motivated by love. As an individual, if I feel you are expressly or subtly taking away my power of choice, I will fight back. Whatever love I have for you can turn into hate in a blink.
I hear some people spell others into marriage. They are mad. Really mad. Even if you use gifts to enslave people, you are evil. The power of choice is a fundamental need of humans.
By the way, adults who also believe in Okafor’s law are morons. They are not better than this my 19 year old son who doesn’t know how to wash his back properly while bathing. The fact that an emotionally broken woman allows you to have sex with her every time you knock, isn’t something to brag about. An emotionally broken woman is almost like a lunatic on the street. How does one brag with the fact that he slept with a lunatic who isn’t in the best of her mind?
Who even said women don’t find their way back into the lives of men they have bleeped before. Who are these married men who keep going back to Bleep their exes. Shebi Nkechi’s law does not affect them?
Hymen doesn’t buy you a woman’s loyalty. Relationship thrives on values. If a person’s romantic values are not guaranteed in a relationship, don’t expect him/her to stick.
(Continues drinking his beer)
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