The Third Day Of The Rainbow Prayer Conference

Theme: The celebrated has been disappointed.

After mounting the podium, he led the church into a series of intense praise section to the glory of God. He called seven people outside the congregation and told the church to congratulate them. Then he explained to the congregation why he did it. According to him, “if you associate with a cursed fellow, curse will follow you, so the people that came out to congratulate them have associated with blessed individuals so therefore, they are blessed.”
He then called out the final year students among the seven and decorated them with spiritual blessings. He then prayed individually for the rest of them and made some prophetic declarations. 
He again prayed for the final year students in the congregation. He spiritually turned every water in their life into wine and also prophesied that they’ll be celebrated. This raised a great uproar in the crowd as he added sauce to it by telling them that they’ll not look for job when they finally graduate.
The campus pastor finally concluded by giving glory to the Lord for disappointing the celebrated.

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