The fourth day of the Rainbow Conference

Pastor Ndukwu Meshack
Topic: The Lord will give you the former and later rain moderately.

Text: Joel 2:18-28, Jeremiah 33:10-11
He started by making use of ICT terms to show how the blessings of God on the church will be. He started by telling them that the blessings of God on their life will be COPY AND PASTE. Meaning that, they won’t have to bother themselves typing it all over again. Then he said that they’ll download blessings and upload all their needs to God.
“All those things that are making you to cry, all those things that are making you to want to quit coming to church, finally, the God is taking them away.”
He told the church that God will give them manifold blessings. According to him, it means blessings in multiplication.
He told them that when people will see them and start asking them why they are shining; they should tell them that it’s because of God.
He told the church the reason for his joy, according to him, his President and Governor is the Holy Ghost and not the physical ones.
He sang the song ‘His Eyes Are on the Sparrow’ and read the book of Jeremiah 33:10 and told them that the Lord has promised to give them the former and the later rain moderately.
This he explained by telling them that the Lord will give them carry-over blessings. He told them that the Lord will give them the blessings of 2001-2018.
He told them that all the Prophesies that the Lord has made on their head that the Lord will bring them to pass.
He then led the church into a section of prophesies and healing. He also prophesied to the pastor that God will make the people that criticized him to come and confess.
He summarized by asking the church to prepare for a period of seven days prayer and worship to the glory of God.

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