Rainbow Prayer Conference - Day 5

Rainbow Prayer Conference
The man of God Started with the reading of Psalm 23, as the congregation and the pastor read in alternate verses,

The man read 2 Kings 7 vs 1 & 2 
his point being that he expected God to do what has never been done >
Further making his point clearer he said that the man that died in Samaria died as a result of considering the situation in Samaria instead of what God could do.
He cited an example with the testimony of a brother Alex, who a lecturer had told that he `,duwould not pass his Course in one of the polytechnics in the country, speaking on what God Could do , he said brethren prayed and soon enough the lecturer had a problem that resulted in his suspension and during that suspension the brother graduated and soon enough the lecturer was restored 
Speaking further on what God could do he stated that if God could use four lepers to deliver a country there was nothing he cannot do for you 
Rainbow Prayer Conference

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