Okorocha: Prince Eze Madumere, My Deputy Lacks Political Value

Imo guber: My deputy lacks political value--- Okorocha

Once again those of us who brought Owelle Rochas' blatant disrespect for his loyal deputy, Eze Madumere to the fore have been vindicated by the above derogatory statement. This is not just an insult on the Deputy Governor, but also an insult on Owerri zone. Little wonder the ongoing impeachment plot against Madumere who has declared his intention to vie for the governorship seat of Imo state against the dictatorial wishes of eze onye agwalam his boss who has vowed that his son-in-law must succeed him. Anyway Ndi Imo in their majority have told him in very clear terms that his stooge won't succeed him as they are weary of the governance of demolition, hunger, pain and poverty.

The bitter crisis in the APC continues to rage on with the circus party widely torn into various factions that are battling for supremacy. Eze Madumere continues to be highly disrespected and degraded by the first family as the first son-in-law acts as the de-facto deputy governor with Madumere being relegated to the background. It is crystal clear he no longer has any political value to Okorocha, who has used and squeezed dry to the detriment of Owerri zone in particular and Imo in general.

Imolites are keenly watching to see if the debacle that befell Madumere's predecessor, Jude Agbaso, will befall him too going by his boss' notorious penchant for backstabbing and betrayals to suit his gluttonous lifestyle. Like Agbaso, like Madumere?

Come 2019 Ndi Imo in our majority have vowed to stone out the clueless, hapless and helpless APC into political oblivion with our precious votes as we were well armed with our PVCs and will surely protect our votes from those who have gold medals in election rigging. As Okorocha and APC's continuous insult on Ndi Imo will no longer be tolerated.
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