I Was Saved By A Drug Addict From Sleeping In A Police Cell; Man Reveals

A Nigerian man Akande Olutobi, has narrated how he was saved by a drunkard and drug addict from sleeping in a police cell during his undergraduate days.
The business development personnel took to his social media page to share his story in a bid to encourage people never to look down on anyone no matter their condition.

Read his story below;

I was saved by a drunkard/drug addict from sleeping in a cell during my undergraduate days. He was always a subject of ridicule by all But I would always greet him each time I pass by his compound by prostrating(as a typical Yoruba boy).
He was always amazed to see someone still greet him with such courtesy and would always call me his friend He even promised I would marry his youngest daughter.
Someone was accused of committing a great crime in my hostel and this led the police to arrest all of us..
It was certain we are all sleeping in the cell that night. My friend rushed down to the station when he heard our hostel was ransacked, we never knew he was a retired police officer I was already crying and sweating like a Christmas chicken waiting to be slaughtered.
But behold, I saw my friend coming he was ready to devour the officers for laying hands on his beloved friend. They had to calm him down and ordered my release immediately. My other friends who laughed at me for always greeting him had to sleep in the cell for almost two weeks.
Please don’t look down on anyone, they might just turn out to be the messiah your life needs at a point in time. What determines your escape during a trail time might be the good deeds you enacted during the rosy ones

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