Wini Lazarus: I'm A Virgin, I Don’t Need To Dress As Deeper Life To Be Believed

Delectable actress, Wini Lazarus, who has featured in several movies, can be described as a role interpreter with huge potentials.
The alluring actress cum entrepreneur,in this interview with TheNewsGuru recounts why she became an actress, venturing into agriculture, being a virgin among other issues.

What made you venture into Agriculture?
I have always loved agriculture. While I was in the University, Agriculture provided funds for my school fees. So I combine agriculture and acting. I am passionate about agriculture. Agriculture made me who I am today.

Have you ever been a victim of sex for roles?
I am not a ‘Do or die’ actress. I am not desperate . Desperation makes people take advantage of you.

Have you ever been asked for sex in order to get a movie role?
Yes I have been asked and that was when I was starting out in the industry. I wasn’t hungry or desperate when I came into the industry; I was already a big girl

What drives you, passion for your craft or money?
I didn’t start making money from acting for over three years. Now I have paid my dues, I deserve to be paid. In as much as I am passionate about acting, I am also a business woman.

What is your opinion about premarital sex?
I am a virgin; I am keeping myself till after marriage. I don’t need to dress like a ‘ Deeper Life’ member for anyone to believe I am virgin .I am a public figure, I need to look good for my fans.
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