We Were Sold As Slaves For $735 – Nigerian Libya Returnee Reveals

A couple of Nigerian-Libya returnees, have narrated the harrowing ordeal they experienced while in Libya.

Speaking with BBC, some of the returnees who are lodged at a hotel in Benin by the Edo State government, recounted their ordeal.

According to a returnee, 20 of them were sold for just $730 as slaves and were forced to drink toilet water.
Agen Akhere, one of the returnees said he was held for two months in a detention centre in a place called Gharyan. Although he gained his freedom, his friend, however, wasn’t so lucky.

It’s because of money…..My friend, he’s still there. His name is Samson. He’s still there, in Gharyan.

 Lucky Akhanene, who returned in the same group as Mr. Akhere and was held in Gharyan for four months.
They come to our caravans [cells], they pick six persons to do their dirty jobs to do farming, brick-laying work. They give us out to their friends. They don’t pay us. It’s just hard labour, if you’re not fast with your job you get beaten.
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