The First Day Of The Rainbow Conference

The First Day Of The Rainbow Conference
The Rainbow Prayer Conference organized by the Watchman Catholic Charismatic Campus Fellowship  (WCCCF), the Campus arm of the Watchman Catholic Charismatic Renewal Ministries started today in earnest.
As we earlier reported, the service as really a prayer conference. The chorus leaders lead the series of praise before Pastor Charles mounted the podium to lead the congregation into a series of intense prayers. 
He opened the program by reading from the book of Joel 2:12-17, he lead the congregation into a realm of sober reflection, here he told them to confess their sins to the Almighty God and cry unto him to have mercy on his children.
He told them to present the Altar of their soul to God and present themselves blameless unto him.  
He read the book of Matthew 6:15 and told the church the importance of forgiveness. He also added that no matter your work in the ministry, without forgiveness your prayers to God won’t be answered. He mentioned other sins like lust, anger, envy, hatred, pride, exaggeration, jealousy, murmuring, talkativeness, jesting, and any other sin that God hates. 
He also talked about the people that make light the things of God. People that gossip about pastors, people that are secretive. They’ll be at the point of dying and still keep it. Also in the message, he talked about people with hardened minds. He cited the incidence that happened in the Bible (Numbers 25) here the children of Israel where having prayers and one of the Israelites went in unto a Midianite woman, then Phinehas went in and slew him.
During the prayer section, he prayed against every spiritual pollution in the church. He read the Book of Ezekiel 13:10 and Revelation 2:20. He cited Kings 9:37 and spoke about Jezebel, who wanted to seduce the servant of God who came to warn her. But as God may have it, he ordered her (Jezebel’s) servants to throw her down from the upstairs which they did. 
He warned all seducers in the congregation to be warned, and also warned them about being seduced by the seducers.
He summarized by leading the church into another series of dancing and thanksgiving to God, after which the chorus leaders mounted the pulpit and continued the praise section. 
The texts in summary:
Joel 2:12-17, Mat. 6:15, Ephesians 5:4, Ezekiel 13:10, Revelation 2:20, Micah 2:10, 2nd Kings 9:37,

Keep tuned to Reporter24/7 to hear fully from the other days of the program.

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