Man Praises Fct Fire Service For Quick Response To SOS Call (Photos)

A young Nigerian who goes by the Facebook name Stan Stagger Nwamama has praised the Federal capital territory Fire service for their quick response to his Sos call thereby saving a building from being razed down by Fire....

See full text of his post below:

I am a Nigerian and so much believe in the project called Nigeria. Our problem in this blessed nation is squarely that of bad leadership. With the right people in the right places, Nigeria can be a place we all can be proud of despite our tribal affiliations.
The incident happened this evening at about 5:30PM as I was on my way back home haven honored an appointment. Getting closer home where I stay I saw a house on fire and people gathered without remedy and knowing what to do. Seeing such a situation and imagining what the situation would look like seeing a whole building raised down by fire in these hard times.
I quickly ran to an Eco Bank within the vicinity, met the policeman on duty told him I needed the number of the Federal Fire Service that a house is on fire. Good and fair enough he had it and he obliged me. I immediately called the Federal Fire Service, to my greatest surprise and all standing by, within 10 minutes of my call the Fire Service landed not even with one truck but three and quenched the fire, hmmmmm, could this be in Nigeria!!! was the exclamation on the lips of all and sundry standing by.
Nigerian could actually be a place we can proudly call home, we are blessed with the vast human and natural resources required to be one of the world powers, but we all know our problems. I believe that despite all the problems bedeviling us as a nation, all hope is not lost; Nigeria is redeemable only if we are committed in heart, body and soul, Nigeria is redeemable only if ethnicity can be eschewed, for during that inferno that would have engulfed the house, Nigerians came out despite tribe and affiliation, at the end Nigerians were happy that no life was lost, despite the little damage of about 10% on the entire building.
We all should come out and make Nigeria great again, we can make it, it is not impossible, it is achievable. As my brother and friend FCC Jones Onwuasoanya would say “Let Nigeria Prevail”.

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