Day 2 – The Rainbow Prayer Conference

Pastor Peters Emmanuel
There is no real blessing outside being BORN AGAIN. Speaking on this, Pastor Peters Emmanuel spoke on the fact that without being born again, any blessings you get are more or less an illusion.
You can’t be born again and be mingling with immoral thoughts, fashion, other sins and controversies.
Speaking more on that, he cited an example of a young Christian teenage male. Having being frustrated in life for more than 10 years, he refused compromising. How long have you waited on the Lord for you to give up? There’s a level e all need to attain in Christianity that e cannot afford to quit again. Reading Proverbs 24:4-4, he cited that when God removes all our hindrances, we’d serve him better.
2nd Samuel 7:9-10

Assignment Ezra 1

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More photos from the scene:
Day 2 – The Rainbow Prayer Conference
Day 2 – The Rainbow Prayer Conference

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