Alexis Sanchez: From Kid Who Washed Cars In Cemetery To The Highest Paid In EPL

The beautiful game of football is loaded with touching stories in which success is rewarded to the diligent, hard-working and talented players, sometimes accordingly and on other, rather extravagantly.

Today he is one of the most energetic and coveted players in the world in the wake of sealing a move from Arsenal to Manchester United, but 15 years ago the Chilean international struggle hard to procure a living by washing cars in a graveyard in Tocopilla. This is the story of Alexis Sanchez, a career warrior who battled and won endless challenges to reach the peak of his footballing career.

In the northern town of Tocopilla, on the shores of the Pacific, Alexis Alejandro is born to a low-class family. One of Martina Sanchez’s four kids and his introduction to the world was overshadowed by his father Gullermo Soto’s sudden departure, leaving Martina, Alexis and his three siblings to fend for themselves.
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