Meghan Markle Is Getting Royal Etiquette Courses From Prince Harry

Meghan Markle is to get a crash course on the etiquettes of being a royal and according to TMZ, her fiance Harry will be her etiquette teacher.

She is expected to know the rules of curtsying, handling herself at State events, how to hold conversations, royal etiquette at the table and more. All these, she must learn before the wedding on May 26.
According to royal expert Katie Nicholl, the curtsy rules Meghan has to learn includes that she curtsies for the Queen, Prince William's wife Kate, Prince Harry's female cousins Beatrice and Eugenie, among others. She also needs to know how to address dignitaries, and the rules of royal fashion. She needs to know how to handle herself at State dinners. She also has to learn royal etiquette at the table, how to hold conversations, and on and on. 

Harry knows the drill because he's been around it since birth, so he's the perfect mentor. According to TMZ, Harry started giving Meghan royal homework months ago, as soon as he knew she was the one he wants to marry.
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