How mum made me music star –Bukola Esin

Former TV personality, Bukola Esin, has released her debut single entitled, ‘Iyanu’, which means Miracle.

The journalist turned-singer said her inspiration came from her mother who never gave up but made her sing at any gathering or event.

According to the Lagos-born singer, her song reminds people of God’s miracles and grace. And this was the reason she has dedicated the song to all those who have gone through innumerable life challenges and have been pushed beyond the threshold of their faith.

Commenting on the message of the song and what actually inspired her, she said: “Not with human abilities but divine miracle and strength from God, Iyanu is meant to be the first of more inspirational and soul-lifting songs gracing the shores of Europe from a middle-aged female Nigerian artiste.”

Speaking further on how it all started, she narrated: “Watching people for years fall under the anointing of God, having felt His abounding presence and being motivated by a rock solid mum who has stood by me and encouraged me to sing before her friends in church and just anywhere possible, I grew into a young lady that has kept the burning zeal and insatiable urge from within to fulfill a calling despite 20 years of successful and accomplished career in the media.”
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