Cardi B Fights With Nicki Minaj’s Fans and They Drag Her For Filth

Cardi B got into a big fight with Nicki Minaj fans, and it is very messy!

Drama started yesterday when the Bodak Yellow rapper took to Instagram to call out a Nicki Minaj fanpage for always posting things about her.
“Why is it that you talk the most about me,” Cardi said to the page handler. “You stay with my name in your mouth! Why don’t you stick a d*ck in it? Like you really be stalking my IG [and] Twitter. You know how creepy obsessed you look?”

She continued venting, saying, “Stop hashtagging me or talking about me. You are [obsessed].”

Well, the fanpage didn’t take that diss lightly, because the handler and a host of other #TeamMinaj fans, felt she was sneak-dissing Nicki Minaj by venting on them. Also, they pointed out how the younger rapper cornily shades Nicki Minaj, especially with her latest interview in the UK, where she claimed Nicki Minaj rewrote her lines in Motor Sport after she, Cardi, jumped on the track. Many people interpreted that statement to mean that Nicki changed her verse because of Cardi, to outshine the younger rapper, and this re-inforced the assumption that there is a cold war going on between Nicki and Cardi.

Well, the drama pissed off Nicki Minaj’s fanbase.

And so, when Cardi hopped on their Instagram to talk smack, they didn’t hesitate to drag her and accuse her of sneak-dissing their queen.

See the post that started all the drama:

Source – Olisa.tv
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