Police Pull Python Out Of Man's Pants

Police in Germany pulled a python from a man's pants after noticing what they described as a 'considerable bulge' in his trousers.

The 19-year-old man was being arrested for drunken behaviour in the city of Darmstadt, near Frankfurt, when they made the bizarre discovery.

Shocked officers removed the 35cm king python from the man's underwear and took him into custody for his state of intoxication before trying to work out if he broke any animal welfare laws, USA Today reports.

In an official statement, police said they were called at around 11pm on Tuesday to a dispute between two men on the street.

The argument was settled when officers arrived, but as police attempted to determine the facts, 'one of the parties became increasingly aggressive, so this man had to be taken into custody,' said Alexander Lorenz, the duty police leader.

Before being taken into custody, the man was searched,' he added.
'Here, the officers noticed a significant bulging of the pants of the person concerned. 
'When questioned, he stated that was carrying a snake in his pants.' The snake was taken away and its owner is being sought, though it is believed he may have taken it from a family member.

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