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Why We may Never Get Biafra

Throwing back to some weeks ago, you may have heard the IPOB and other Biafrans ranting about claiming that there would be no Anambra State election.
I was hopefully waiting to hear that something happened, like maybe they would boycott the election but there was nothing like that. Even some communities like Aguleri which were strong willed in Anambra State still came out en masse to vote today.

It's so funny how the so called Biafra leaders keep on declaring stay at homes on our special days. They did it on May 29, October 1 and now November 18. Is this how they want to govern us? Police did their best and ensured the elections were peaceful. Even UN sent their representatives to ensure that they see things with their eyes and not depend on social media and news reports. 

This is to tell you that we are not actually hated by the Nigerian government. We are only being governed by people who are being operated by favoritism and nepotism at the core. The IPOB was founded on a common interest but the people in there lack coordination. All we do is to go about ranting on the social media that Nigeria's breaking up is unnegotiable and that we must go our way. 

Go which way?
- To be ruled by Governors whom we do not even trust?
- To go back and be forever mocked for our lack of coorginations?
- To be ruled by people whom we do not have even 40% trust in?

Imagine when our own people are telling us to 'vote and die' and on the week before election circulate posters around the five IPOB states asking us not to step outside on the d-day. I saw few in Owerri and around. They send warnings to Buhari telling him not to step into the South East like they can do anything if he does. 

Till now their god Nnamdi Kanu is yet to be found and the same people who accused the Nigerian government of having him n their custody still went to remove him from his leadership position and accuse him of stealing. Where did you question him? Can't you see that we lack no coordination?

Even the ECOWAS is trying to keep us together. There is no strength in diversity. We can gain more if we are together. Our problems are not the Hausas, not the Yorubas but our leaders who spend ovver 500 million Naira on statues. Our leaders who invite leaders facing probation in their countries and honour them with chieftaincy titles where. Inviting leaders is not bad, but spending millions on statues when you are owing teachers not that good. ANyway, it's your choice. You are at the top and we cannot question you. 

I just hope our people will stop chasing shadows and start facing our realities. People agitating for Biafra are all at the diplomats and influential citizens. What about these young minds who die uncelebrated deaths al in the name of Biafra? It's not right. We have to rethink.

Long live Pres. Buhari
Long live Nnamdi Kanu
Long live the five Eastern Governors
Long live the Biafra vision
Long live you and I!

We cannot die for what we might not get. Share this post if you are in support of the Biafran vision. 

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