Man Causes Accident While Being Robbed By 'One Chance' Operators In Abuja (Photos)

A man identified as Chukwueke Emmanuel, has recounted his ordeal with men of the underworld after entering a cab in Gwarimpa area of Abuja.
The victim also revealed how a passenger struggled with the armed robbers and even the driver who was on wheels during the operation in the vehicle as they eventually had a terrible accident before the robbers fled.
Read what Emmanuel shared on Facebook;
Few weeks ago, Che Oyinatumba wrote about it, but I really didn't understand until I had a first hand experience last night. It all happened when I entered a cab from Gwarimpa to A.Y.A at about 19:45. When I boarded, I started making use of my phone, responding to comments on my wall. I noticed we were 5 in all, the driver, front passenger, then three persons at the back, me inclusive.
Within five minutes of the journey, they entered a route through Airport road which is a different location from my destination.
At this juncture, the passenger in the front seat brought out a pistol, gave me a slap and ordered everyone to face down.
I obeyed and asked them not to harm me that I have a few Naira note with me and some money in my bank account, they collected the money with me and brought out POS machine and withdrew all I had in my bank account, yet they kept moving, I started crying, telling them to please spare my life, as I kept lamenting, I noticed all of them were Igbos except the one seating close to me who refused to bow down, he then combated the others in a fierce fight, my head was still bent.
They were hitting him, cocked the gun, but he refused to give in, he tapped me to fight, but I was already traumatized. He then started controlling the steering from the back, alas, we had a terrible accident, all doors locked instantly, they then flew from the window of the drivers seat, I hurriedly jumped out and ran away, they all ran to the same direction.
Few minutes later I came back to the scene because people started gathering thinking it was just an accident, then I explained to them my ordeal. Police came and luckily for us we saw one of the criminals phone with phone number while checking on the vehicle, I also saw my phone.
I don't know what would have become of me, but I am certain it was God himself that saved me.
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