Human Robotic School Built In Ukraine By A Nigeria Pastor & Others (Photos)

10 years old robotics school in Ukraine.
I was in Ukraine recently and one of my friend there Igor, who is a Pastor from Dr. Sunday Adelaja's church is one of those who set up this school and running it with other pastors.
Dr. Adelaja taught them that a Christian is on earth to serve humanity. so in Ukraine you have over 3000 of such positive activities going on everywhere headed by church members. 

Igor told me about his school where they were training children in robotics. these children are like 10 years old and they were already building and programming robots. 

So while 10 years old Ukrainian children are being taught robotics by pastors. In Nigeria Chris Oyakhilome have brainwashed the majority of our youths that they are not ready to work, they don't want to learn and they only shout on top of their heads as brainwashed mesmerized sociopaths. They stroll all over the internet insulting people in the name of Jesus. 

These pastors have slowpoke our people big time. I didn't know the evil from these pastors in the minds of our people was this bad until this week. I knew something was wrong that it was this bad is what I didn't know. So I will keep writing and speaking about it. Let these faceless, moronic young men and women keep exposing themselves in the public.

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