How Young Man’s Situation Changed After Summoning Courage To Storm Government House

Here is the story of how the Chief of Staff (CoS) to Niger State Governor, Hon. Mikail Al-Amin Bmitosahi turned round the life of an aspiring young man.
The young man named Madaki Moses from Tafa LG decided to play the brave game by approaching the gates of Governor’s Office, asking for a direction to the Office of the CoS where he met joy and got his life reversed desirably.

According to reports, the young man who had been standing in front of the Government House Minna, summoned courage and approached the Security Guards, informing that he had been offered admission to study medicine at Near East University in Cyprus on Scholarship.

He told them all expenses relating to the scholarship had been covered except for air fare to Cyprus.

The security guard upon seeing the documents backing the young man’s claims and knowing the importance of his desires, allowed him entry and directed him to the office of the Chief of a Staff (CoS) to the Governor where he knew such privileges are offered.
At the office of the CoS, he met one Mohammed Adamu, who is coincidentally the Documentation officer to the CoS, to whom he narrated his mission, showing him the papers.

The Documentation officer asked how long the scholarship had been and the amount raised so far. The young man informed the officer he had secured the scholarship for sometime and that no amount had been raised, as his mother works as a cleaner at the State’s General Hospital, while his father is late. At this point, the young man was already in tears and Adamu could not control himself as joined the young man in tears.

This got the Documentation officer emotional and with tears in his eyes he entered the CoS’s office where, still in tears, he promptly narrated the young one’s case.

The CoS consequently summoned the young man and the ending of it all is joy and joy and fulfilment for the boy, as he (the CoS) immediately offered to cover entire travel expenses on the spot. He offered the sum needed for the air fare ticket and an additional sum for miscellaneous expenses relating to the scholarship
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