22-year-old teacher arrested for attempting to rape teenage pupil

22-year-old teacher arrested for attempting to rape teenage pupil
A female teacher identified as Hunter Day, 22, has been arrested by the police on grounds that she attempted to have sexual intercourse with one of her teenage pupils.

The police were reported to have sabotaged her action while she was waiting for a candlelit romp with him at her home.
The arrested suspect was reported to have confessed to raping the student following a police sting in Oklahoma.
Hunter Day was before her arrest a science teacher at the Yukon High School.
She was also accused of sending the boy nude selfies according to police report.
Hunter Day was arrested on Wednesday by the Canadian County Sheriff’s Department on complaints of second degree rape, facilitating sexual contact with a minor and possession of child pornography.
Authorities reportedly launched a full blown investigation into the complaint which was filed by the teenage boy’s parents who found the explicit pictures and messages on their boy’s phone.
Day who was expecting the boy on the day of the arrest was reported to have said after hearing a knock on the door, “The door’s unlocked as usual.”
She was reported to be clad in a Christmas cat t-shirt and workout shorts as at when arrested.
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