Zari Hassan Deletes Diamond Platinumz From Her Life, Unfollows His Instagram

Zari Hassan and Diamond Platnumz may finally be over.
Today, fans of the socialite discovered that she has erased over 2,000 photos from her Instagram which were mainly photos of her and the singer, and also a quick check of friends she’s following shows she either un-followed or blocked him.
As though that was not enough, a quick check of Diamond’s page revealed same pattern of deleted personal photos/videos and un-following.
It is unclear what led to the latest drama, especially because less than two weeks ago, the singer made peace with Zari Hassan after he admitted to Cheat!ng on her and having a son with model Hamisa Mobetto.
Recall that Hamisa went public with the paternity of her son after Diamond refused to acknowledge the newborn. For many months, he also denied claims that he was in a relationship with Hamisa. Following the arrival of her son, Hamisa created an Instagram page for the baby, and revealed that she named him after the singer.
That did not sit well with Zari Hassan, because she went on an interview to question the newborn’s paternity, causing Hamisa to publish all evidence of her relationship with Diamond.
Well, Diamond Platnumz acknowledged the baby, and then threw a party for Zari Hassan. All was going well until today, when fans discovered that they have both deleted each other’s memories from the social handle.
Now, the big question is this: are they officially over? We wait.
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