Panic as Young Nigerian Artiste Collapses While Trying to Break a Guinness World Record

Multiple reports making the rounds online reveal that a young Nigerian man identified as Oscar Nonso Ikenokwalu aka Manya Master, who attempted to set a world record for successfully recording ‘365 songs in 365 days’, has seen his dreams shatter before his eyes.

It was gathered that the young man reportedly collapsed in the studio and is currently going through life threatening challenges as a result of the extreme measures he took in a bid to achieve his dream.

According to Naij, Oscar had allegedly been on medications of what witnesses claim were alcohol and other controlled substances, throughout the 365 days ‘journey’, against doctors’ advice to end his quest.

The journey which was started on November 1, 2016, was scheduled to end today, October 31, 2017, but ended abruptly just the day before, leaving him with a record of 364 instead of 365.

Oscar’s quest to setting the record reportedly sent him to the hospital about three times in the past few months.
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