Muslim professor bags PhD in Christian studies

Muslim Professor
Muslim Professor, Rasheed Jimoh-Ijaodola, who is also a Professor of Law and Dean, Oba Erediauwa College of Law of Igbinedion University, Okada, Edo, just added a doctorate degree in Christian studies from the University of Ilorin to his portfolio.

The faithful and practicing muslim’s thesis was on biblical prophesies and other prophesies like prophesies of the late Sage and Prophet, Nostradamus, with research focused on end time and the role of humans in the fulfilment of those prophesies.
According to the Jimoh-Ijaodola whose first Ph.D. is in Electoral Law from the University of Jos, while his second Ph.D. was in Property law from the University of Ibadan, the end is now and humans need to be careful so that the end will not come upon us as the biblical thief that came unexpectedly.
The Sun reported that he pleaded that the world should embrace peace and live in harmony for the sake of the earth and humanity. Nations should be careful of war and proliferation of weapon of mass destruction.
Jimoh-Ijaodola, in his thesis stressed the need to take care of “our environment” very well so that it was not endangered. The end time scenario is a picture of man eating man and that the problem will most likely start on the claim on ownership of Jerusalem.
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