Kathy Griffin Declares War On TMZ’s Founder & Andy Cohen (Video)

Kathy Griffin has declared war on TMZ’s founder Harvey Levin and her former boss, Bravo TV show host Andy Cohen.
She has posted online a 17 minute video in which she slams and blasts the duo, accused Andy Cohen of offering her drugs when she appeared as a guest on his show ‘Watch Happens Live With Andy Cohen’.

Trouble started after Kathy’s former boss of 10 years, Andy Cohen, did an interview with TMZ photographers on Friday (October 27) at the Los Angeles International Airport. And during the interview, Cohen acted like he didn’t know Griffin.

During the good days – Kathy Griffin and former boss Andy Cohen (Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images)
You also recall, Kathy got into trouble earlier this year when she ‘decapitated and held a bloody head’ of the President of the United States, Donald Trump high.
The photos sparked an outrage in the United States and major networks cut their links with Griffin.

Calling out TMZ founder and Andy Cohen for slighting her in a new video, Kathy said:

“People like Harvey Levin and Andy Cohen, who honestly just live to take women down.” 
“Both times I did (Andy Cohen’s) show, right before we went live, Andy Cohen privately asked me in an office if I wanted to do blow. 
I’ve never had a drink in my life. You guys know I’m no prude but I’m kind of like a straightedge, I thought he was kidding the first time.”

The comedienne continued:

“I was hoping he was kidding, the second time I do the show, same thing. So once again we’re alone in an office and he’s like, ‘Wanna do some coke?’ And I’m thinking, ‘He’s serious!’ Trust me, he’s going to say he’s kidding and everything, no. He was asking me to do cocaine with him, that made me very uncomfortable.”

Kathy also accused Andy of being jealous of her, called him a ‘miserable boss’, claimed Andy harassed her and treated her ‘poorly.’

Directing her attention to TMZ, Kathy shared TMZ founder Harry Levin’s phone number as well as his message asking her to call him back.

She also added that during the two month investigation following the controversial photo of Donald Trump,

‘phone numbers got out of my mom and my mom got death threats at her retirement village and my sister while she was dying of cancer got death threats at her apartment.’

She also claimed that she has been targeted by the Interpol, that many times they had to detain her at various airports following the Trump controversy.

After seeing the 17-minute long video, Andy took to Twitter to deny the allegation. He wrote:

‘I am completely stunned by this story. It is 100% false and totally made up.’

BuzzFeed contacted Bravo for comment and the network’s spokesperson said:

‘This is completely false and we are not going to credit it with any more attention.’

Some people believe Kathy Griifin’s 17 minute scathing video has ruined her relationship and chances of ever working with Hollywood again.

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