Join The Fight Against Corruption In Your Locality

Today I was driving down my street, trying to join the major lane leading to my house when I witnessed an accident. It was a bus driver that had a collision with a Police Hilux, but there were no casualties.

The Police Hilux was driven by men on mufti, and they all looked like they were going somewhere, maybe a burial or similar event. The bus driver was going on the wrong lane and that was why he met the accident, but thanks to the Most High, nothing happened, just a little scratch.

The Hilux driver was annoyed at the incident, and started raging. In the midst of his anger, he tried knowing why the bus driver should use one way, and I got the most hilarious reply I ever got in my life, "The Governor used this one-way when he came here!"

Lol😀..you can imagine how all the victims changed their moods and it became a funny moment. As we were talking, another set of police men drove pass the road still on the wrong direction, THEY ARE ABOVE THE LAW! 

Can't you see that in the animal kingdom all animals are equal but some are more equal than the other? Since the Governor can default traffic, Police men and other siren wavers can default it, then we should pray for a change in our levels. THAT IS SO BAD!

These little things happening in our localities need to be told to the world out there. They must not keep believing that our nation is a small haven whereas we are suffering and dying in silence. We need you to tell us about these people who are bigger than the law in your community, state or nation at large. 

We will not keep suffering in silence when people are embezzling billions of dollars and others are using millions of Naira to mould statues and do other things we cannot explain. 

Join in the fight against corruption today. SUBMIT YOUR NEWS to us or better still send it to us via Facebook or Twitter.

You can also use the hashtag, #Reporter247 on your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram handles to talk about these corruptions and we would do well to gather them and publish on daily basis.

Remember, #Reporter247! Twitter, Facebook and Instagram or you better still contact us to help you out.

We would protect your identity if you need so. 

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