Advertisers Are Paying You To Advertise On Your Facebook, Twitter, IG, Blog

How fun would it sound to you to wake up in the morning and see that you have gotten some cool dollars in your account?
Our company, Valued Voice is looking for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and Pinterest users and bloggers who would be willing to advertise on their social media handles and get paid. You also post sponsored posts on your blog and earn for that.

You set your prices the way you like, how much you think is good for a tweet or post, you get offers on your dashboard and you post them. It's is free and we just act as the middle men, connecting you with the big brands and advertisers while we collect a token after each successful publication.

Here are some of the big brands we work with among many others:

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As earlier stated, our services are FREE and we act as the middle men, collecting a token only when you get your own money.

All you need is a Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest or blog to get started. You set how much you'd like to charge your advertisers and that's all, so cool.

We pay out on the first of every month. 

What are the requirements?
- PayPal email [use your personal email if you don't have a PayPal]
- Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube or blog
- Willingness to advertise on them

How much can you make?
We can't predict. You set your prices and we pay you on the first of every month. The more advertisers you get, the more money you can make. 

We automatically get you advertisers and all you do is to post and get your money. To get more, you have to keep it at a reasonable price.

How am I sure this is not scam?
Well, no one is asking you for any penny, so you don't loose anything. Give us a try and we assure you that by the first of next month, you would get a handsome reward in your bank account. We only take a token after you get your own money.

This is not like any other post on the net, this is not scam, we don't ask you for any money. We're here to help and empower social media users, and also help brands reach out to more people. Start making money with your influence today.

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